M/S FÆMUND II takes you along the “inland sea” of Femunden, offering many exciting experiences for nature lovers of all ages. Bring your bike on board and combine it with great rides in Femundsmarka and the surrounding areas.

The trip with the Femund boat is an experience in itself, with fantastic views over Femundsmarka National Park.

The accessible terrain offers many great hiking opportunities for both young and old, ranging from day trips to multi-day excursions.

Between Østerdalen and Femunden, there are many roads with little traffic and gentle slopes, and a visit to the mining town of Røros, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a memorable experience.

There are several remnants of mining activities along Femunden as well. At Femundshytta, you can see the walls of 30 smelting furnaces, large slag heaps, and the remains of many houses that stood here when ore was smelted from 1744 to 1822.

Download the cycling map from Destination Femund and Engerdal with many good trip tips here.

Note that cycling is not allowed in the national park itself, except for: Feragen – Ljøsnåvollen Langen – Nordvika – Svartvika Elgå – Svukuriset

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By bike around the lake Femunden

Start in Røros, then bike to Langen* and continue to Synnervika. Take MS Femund II at 9:00 AM from Synnervika to Femundshytta. Then bike to Jonasvollen, where you can choose to either continue biking to Sømådal* or take the boat to Revlingen (Femundsmarka).

From Sømådal, you can bike down the west side of Femund and around Isteren to Femundsenden, before continuing your bike ride up along the east side of Femunden, past Sorken and towards Elgå*. Here, you have great opportunities to see reindeer up close.

From Elgå, you can bike to Revlingen, where you can, for example, send your bike with the boat to Haugen, allowing you to take a hike in Femundsmarka by walking from Revlingen to Haugen. From there, you can take the boat back to Synnervika and bike to Røros, returning to your starting point.

It is also possible to only bike parts of this tour, such as starting your bike ride in Elgå and biking to Revlingen.


From Røros – Femunden – Femundshytten/Jonasvollen – Tufsingdalen – Røros

From Røros center, the journey goes along Hådalsveien out to Synnervika. This part is easy to bike, with paved sections along the way.

From Synnervika, board MS Fæmund II at 9:00 AM and take the boat to Femundshytta* or Jonasvollen*. Both places offer accommodation.

The next day, continue to Tufsingdalen and Grådalen, then return to Røros.

For the very fit, this trip is also possible as a day trip.

Trail level: Normal
Length: 110 km round trip
*= Accommodation available.

Family friendly bike ride to Svukuriset Tourist Hut in Femundsmarka National Park

The bike ride from Elgå to the staffed cabin Svukuriset* is suitable for cyclists of all ages, including those in bike trailers.

You ride on a gravel road all the way to the cabin, a little over 10 km one way.

From Elgå, follow the road north along Femunden to Revlingen, where you turn right and begin the ascent towards the renovated mountain farm Svukuriset. You can also combine the bike ride with a boat trip on MS Fæmund II and get off at Revlingen.

Once you arrive, waffles await as a reward!

Consider staying one or two nights at the cabin before biking back. Svukuriset is a fantastic starting point for trips in the wilderness of Femundsmarka National Park.

The terrain around Svukuriset is easy and varied, making it very suitable for children. The cabin also has plenty of toys and games for children, both for indoor and outdoor use.

*= Accommodation available.

Bike Tour with Varied Landscape

​This trip starts in Røros town centre, goes out to Femund and takes you on an expedition discovering the unique summer farms in the area around Vingelen mountain village, close to Forollhogna National Park.

​Start in Røros and take your bike through the idyllic Møllmanssdalen to Synnervika. Take M/S Fæmund II to Jonasvollen*. From Jonasvollen continue to Johnsgård* where you can stay the night.

The next day, continue to Hodalen and down to Tolga. Cross the rail way line and the river Glomma in Tolga and take a right in the intersection close to Malmplassen Guest house*. Turn left following the sign up to Vingelen. After about 1 km you meet an intersection with two signs, both saying Vingelen. We recommend that you take the road turning right.

Vingelen mountain village has one of the best preserved cultural landscapes in Norway. From Vingelen you can follow a dirt road going through beautiful mountain farming landscape to Dalsbygda. From Dalsbygda take Øvre Dalsbygdeveg and follow the sign to Galåen before ending up in Røros.

This is a longer trip taking you through a bit more challenging terrain. 


Contact the local tourist office for more information and maps

Destinasjon Femund Engerdal: tel: 941 86 951 – post@femundengerdal.no
Destinasjon Røros: tel: 72 41 00 00 – post@rorosinfo.com