M/S Fæmund has the total of 5 stops on the east side of the lake and 3 on the west side. Join us for a memorable boat trip. The stops along the route are also starting points for trips in and around Femundsmarka national park.

Femundsmarka National Park

Femundsmarka National Park is one of the largest continuous, unspoilt wilderness regions in Southern Scandinavia. A great area for canoeing and fishing. The Norwegian Trekking Association has selected it as one of the three best hiking areas in Norway.


Synnervika is located in the northern part of Femunden, and is the main pier for MS Fæmund II. You will arrive by car or bus from Røros in about 40 minutes. There is a parking lot a few hundred meters from the dock.


M/S Femund II travels on daily basis all summer from Synnervika in the north to Elgå and back.

The company has its quarters for the crew and warehouses at Synnervika, where the ship is pulled up for the winter.


Tel +47 936 92 017


The first place we come to on our trip is Røa, on the east side of the lake. The river Røa is very popular, and this is the most visited area of the nationalpark. One hour walk from the dock you find Røvollen- a self-service cabin run by the Norwegian trekking association.


Tel +47 936 92 017


The next stop is on the west side, Femundshytten, Originally a settlement from the mining period. Cabins for rent.

The tourist trail from Femundshytten and back to Synnervika is a very beautiful and popular trail, and takes 4-5 hours.


Tel +47 936 92 017


From Femundshytten we cross the lake over to Haugen on the east side. Anglers going in to the eastern part of the nationalpark usually start from here. Accomodation options are available.


Tel: +47 482 93 535


Jonasvollen is located on the west side of the lake. If you come here by car, you can park it here and take M / S Fæmund II over to Elgå and back. At Jonasvollen there is also a cozy campsite with cabins and a marina.


​Tel +47 624 98 994/414 03 216


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Crossing back to the east side again, we come to Revlingen. 4 km up the hills from here you find the tourist station Svukuriset, run by the Norwegian Tourist Association. Here you will find several marked tourist trails in the nationalpark.



From Revlingen it is only 8 km to Elgå, the last stop, before we turn and go back the same way. Elgå is a small community, with about 50 inhabitants. There is a hotel, cafees, a nationalpark- centre, a small church, and a grocerystore at Elgå.


Tel +47 941 86 951



Every Wednesday and Saturday in July you can go from Elgå to Buvika. Buvika is on the west side of the lake,and on the way we pass Femunds largest iland Sollerøya. The trip gives you a beautiful scenery of the area. A trip to Buvika can be combined with accommodation at Johnsgård Tourist Center (11 km), Rønningen Camp and Hyetter (10 km) or Sømådalen Camping (4 km).


Tel +47 624 59 925

web www.johnsgard.no/en/home/

Rønningen Camp og Hytter

Tel +47 909 88 491

web roningen.no/

Sømådalen Camping

Tel +47 400 63 376

web femundengerdal.no/bo