Welcome aboard!

Below you will find important info in connection with Covid-19

The rugged nature in the areas around Femunden has attracted many nature lovers over the years. Also in the summer of 2022, Femund II will visit Norway’s second largest natural lake and offer many exciting experiences for young and old.

Femund II departs from the quay in Synnervika every morning at 09.00. Here you will find car parking, and for those who travel by public transport, there is a bus from Røros station at 08.15. The boat makes many stops along the way and it is possible to take a walk waiting to return.

On board you will find a kiosk with local dishes, waffles, coffee, mineral water, beer and wine.

Coronavirus- Important information

To keep you and the crew safe in regard to the risk of infection by Covid-19, the following rules apply to all travelers this summer.

1)Everyone should pre-purchase tickets through our website. Maximum number of passengers on board at the same time will be 70. This also applies when you are walking from the field. Therefore, plan your return trip well in advance. If there are available tickets, it will be possible to buy tickets by boarding, but only when using cards or Vipps.

2) Keep at least 1 meter distance to other passengers and crew.

3) The captain will have the authority to reject passengers with symptoms of respiratory disease, such as fever, cough and flushing

4) Use our dispensers with wash basins when boarding, before and after purchasing food, as well as before and after visits to the toilet, and or when required.

5) When buying food and drinks you can only use cards or Vipps. You have to buy and retrieve this yourself at the kiosk outlet, and bring your own waste and empty bottles to the placed waste containers.

6) Read and follow the spreads readily visible on docks and aboard the boat, and follow crew references.

We welcome you on board and wish you a safe trip with us!

Lake Femunden

Lake Femunden is Norway’s second-largest natural lake, covering an impressive 203 square kilometers over its 60 kilometers length. 

The lake’s elevation is 662 meters above sea level and is located along the Swedish border. The lake is a natural entry point to the popular Femundsmarka National Park.

Old pine trees and a myriad of fishing waters and creeks dominate the park. You can experience magnificent sceneries from the lake and enjoy many hikes in the area.

A taste of the mountain on board

We take pride in being able to serve you traditional food based on local ingredients on your trip along Femunden. The climate in the region means that the raw materials grow slowly and give a rich, completely unique taste. The taste that has made the Røros region one of the best in local food in Norway. On board you can enjoy some specialties.

 On board you can also buy FEMUNDPLANKE, a tasty dish with a local touch.

An old route

In 1886 a shipping company was established at Røros. Their first steamboat S/S Fæmund had her first trip on the lake in 1887.
​There has been regular boat traffic on Femund since then.

The first boat was a 60 feet long wooden vessel named “Fæmund”. However , this was too small for the towing of timber, so in 1905 the new steel ship, 82 feet long was put on water, and named Fæmund II. Today – more than 100 years later, we have the same boat running – quite an elderly lady!