An old route.

A shipping company was established at Røros in 1886.
In 1887 their first steamboat S/S Fæmund had her first trip on the lake. There has been regular boat traffic on Femund since then.

The first boat was a 60 feet long wooden vessel named "Fæmund". However , this was too small for the towing of timber, so in 1905 the new steel ship, 82 feet long was put on water, and named Fæmund II. Today - more than 100 years later, we have the same boat running - quite an elderly lady!

In 1958 the old steam engine was replaced by a 160 hp strong diesel engine.

The traffic has changed greatly since the early days. Timber towing was finnished in 1970, and transport of other goods has been redused too. The company turned to transport of people, and in 1980, M/S Fæmund II was rebuilt with this in mind.





M/S Fæmund II 1906





M/S Fæmund II 2006

AS Fæmund 2012